Open Carry

Open Carry is foolish.


There I said it.

  1. You give up the element of surprise. In most self defense shootings, the good guy is reacting to a sudden and violent attack that they were not anticipating. Most fights are over in a matter of seconds. If the bad guy already knows that you are armed, who do you think is getting shot first? See this video where the armed security officer is attacked and kills both assailants, but also dies of his wounds due to the fact that they knew to attack him first. The second video shows how quickly situations escalate. Both show video of people getting shot, you have been warned.        
  2. It can give bad guys the opportunity to snatch your weapon. Please use a quality retention holster if you insist on open carrying a handgun.
  3. It freaks out the anti-gun crazies. While this is not something that will keep me up at night, it gives them something to whine about on the news to all the low information uninformed masses who believe anything they see on TV to be the absolute truth.

Now, if you are on your own property, or if you are hunting, or if you are a uniformed police officer, in most cases open carrying won’t be an issue. In the case of the police, just wearing the badge and uniform paints a big target on your back, so open carrying isn’t any more detrimental to your safety, but if you are a civilian I highly recommend carrying concealed for the reasons listed above.


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